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Florsilva Ansaloni srl was founded in Bologna in 1967 by Alfredo and Paolo Ansaloni to continue a longstanding family tradition of collecting seeds indigenous to the planes and mountains of Bologna, an activity for which Florsilva Ansaloni acts as a reference company in Italy today.

The range of seeds currently produced and marketed includes trees and shrubs intended for forestry and ornamental use in addition to meadow species, vegetables and flowering plants.

Florsilva is associated with the I.S.F (International Seed Federation) and in contact with seed companies from every continent. This allows Florsilva to offer a wide range of exotic seeds that meet the needs of both professional nurseries and demanding hobbyists. The company’s diverse catalogue is completed by a grand assortment of accessory products for gardening and seed nurseries.

From a terrace, to a small garden or even a large park, qualified staff are available to design and put into immediate effect plans to create or transform your own green space. In addition, degraded or sloping surfaces can be improved by projects such as soil consolidation and restoring green-cover by traditional sowing, hydro-seeding or laying down clod lawn.

Quality certifications

Per la verifica degli standard qualitativi i semi sono sistematicamente controllati internamente e sottoposti a verifica da parte del La.R.A.S. dell’Università di Bologna, dal C.N.B.F. (Centro Nazionale per la Biodiversità Forestale) di Peri e dal C.R.E. A.( Consiglio per le Ricerche in Agricoltura)


Research and Analysis Laboratory


Consiglio per le  Ricerche in Agricoltura


International Seed Federation


Asssociazione Italiana Sementi

Sementi Virus-free

Our mother plants and seeds are carefully checked from Phytosanitary Service – Regione Emilia-Romagna. Seeds and plants are tested in order to guarantee virus free materials. Today we can offer several virus free certified fruit seeds

  • Amygdalus persica GF 305
  • Amygdalus persica Missur
  • Amygdalus persica Montclar
  • Amygdalus persica Nemaguard
  • Amygdalus persica Rubira
  • Prunus cerasifera S. Julien
  • Prunus cerasifera
  • Prunus mahaleb 'Pontaleb'

Florsilva Ansaloni


Family Tradition

Florsilva Ansaloni continues an important family history with roots at the end of the last century.


Years of History

More than 50 years of experience give you a high quality guaranty.


All our plants

More than 5000 plants, seeds and tools for the nursery and the landscaping

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